Fox’s Juan Williams Charges Fox’s Glenn Beck With ‘Grandstanding’ That Is Not Connected To ‘Reality’

Yesterday, Fox News pundit Juan Williams was a guest on C-Span’s In Depth program. While Williams passed on a number of opportunities to comment on “racism and divisiveness on Fox,” Williams responded harshly when asked about his colleague Glenn Beck’s recent description of President Obama as a “racist” who has “hatred for white people.” Williams said he was “stunned” by the comments and took a shot at his Fox colleague by adding, “people are just saying things to stir the pot or to create an audience for themselves.” Williams went on to label Beck’s far right-wing fear-mongering as “grandstanding” from someone who hosts a “personality show” and not a “news show”:

WILLAMS: I’m just stunned by it. I don’t understand it. I think in that situation, people are just saying things to stir the pot or to create an audience for themselves, because I don’t see it. There’s no reality to that. […] So, I think a lot of that is simple grandstanding, making outrageous statements, provocateur Glenn Beck at his best. But I don’t think there’s any reality to it. There’s a big difference between a personality show and a news show. And that’s a personality-driven presentation.

Watch it:


Williams added that Obama has a white mother, was raised by white grandparents, and that “he’s gone to schools that were majority white from the time he was in prep school, through Columbia and Harvard.” Williams concluded: “Barack Obama never behaved in any such way that would make you think that he espoused or believed or held to his heart some racist attitudes.” (HT: News Hounds)