Fox’s Kilmeade begrudgingly admits Japan’s national health care gives their auto companies an advantage.

This morning on Fox and Friends, host Brian Kilmeade admitted that, despite conservatives’ repeated claims to the contrary, United Auto Workers’ salaries are in line with workers’ salaries at foreign auto plants. The real problem, Kilmeade said, was health care costs. At first, he claimed that Japanese car companies would face those same “legacy costs” in 40 years, but then acknowledged Japan’s “nationalized health care” will spare them those costs:

KILMEADE: The salaries are already in line with the Japanese. It’s the health care costs, the pensions —

STEVE DOOCY: Right, the legacy costs.

KILMEADE: The legacy costs that is the big difference. And the Japanese are going to have that in 40 years…GRETCHEN CARLSON: Here’s my third question of the morning —


KILMEADE: …although they have nationalized health care.

Watch it (You have to listen closely for Kilmeade’s last comment):

Indeed, health care costs add $1,525 to the price of every General Motors car that leaves the lot. In Japan, everyone is required to enroll in a public or private employer-sponsored health care plan — meaning that the government spends half as much on health care as the United States to provide care for everyone.