Fox’s Neil Cavuto: Epic Heat Wave Means We Should Drill For More Oil

By Brad Johnson, campaign manager of Forecast the Facts

On Fox Business Network this Tuesday evening, Neil Cavuto argued that we should respond to the deadly heat wave that is gripping the nation by drilling for more oil:

It is hot and I’m bothered. Nothing like a heat wave to burn my energy butt. This country is roasting, screaming for energy and we’re still blocking so much energy. We’ve got no drilling, just spending more green on green that invariably comes up red.

In fact, U.S. oil production is at its highest level in a decade!


Watch it:

“Climate science is in shambles,” claimed fellow FBN anchor David Asman, who has compared climate scientists to Hitler. “In fact, it’s been cool for the past couple of years.”

“The longer this [heat wave] drags on, the more the issue of climate change will be raised,” moaned Cavuto.

“A very very shaky science is being used to formulate public policy.” concluded Asnan. “Thank you, David ‘Brainiac’ Asman,” replied Cavuto, before turning to a “Fox Body Alert” on swimsuit model Kate Upton.