Frank Gaffney Seeks To Impose Sharia Litmus Test On 2012 GOP Presidential Field

Today, Frank Gaffney — one of the key propagators of Islamophobia in America — introduced a new pledge that he is asking all the GOP presidential candidates to sign. The 12-point “Peace Through Strength Platform” contains a lot of typical pabulum, like “maintain a robust defense posture” and “invest in our national security.” But embedded under the section titled “preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States,” Gaffney seeks a loyalty oath from the candidates to fight the non-existent threat of Sharia:

Gaffney has made a name for himself — and an annual salary of at least $300,000 — by propagating the baseless threat of a “creeping Sharia.” (For a primer of what Sharia is, see this report.)

Gaffney authored a report last year titled “Sharia: The Threat To America.” He conceded that he did not consult any Muslims in the process of writing that report. “I don’t hold myself out as an expert on Sharia Law,” Gaffney has said. “But I have talked a lot about that as a threat.”

As we note in “Fear, Inc.,” in the past, Gaffney has accused CIA Director David Petraeus of submitting to Sharia and alleged that the design of a missile defense logo was proof of Obama’s submission to Sharia. Now, he wants every Republican candidate to join his conspiracy.