FRC Continues Pro-Bullying Campaign, Seeking To Overturn FAIR Education Act And Erase Same-Sex Families

The Family Research Council has released two new videos today encouraging the overturn of California’s FAIR Education Act. This recently passed law requires California schools include the contributions of LGBT people to history and culture, just as they are for other aspects of diversity. In the first video, FRC president Tony Perkins suggests that children will be “indoctrinated” to endorse same-sex behavior. The second video trots out the loathsome stories of the Wirthlins and the Parkers. These couples became the cause célèbre of the religious right when they objected to their kids reading books portraying same-sex couples, like King & King. David Parker was even arrested for trespassing at his children’s school, protesting that he couldn’t opt his son out of learning about same-sex families. Watch the videos:

Consider what FRC is objecting to: the very acknowledgment of same-sex families. There isn’t concern about teaching children that adults have romantic relationships (or that they might even kiss!). They just don’t want children to know that those two adults can be the same sex. Don’t forget that plenty of children come from same-sex families! These families are part of the school community! If FRC had its way, they would be completely erased and go unacknowledged. Parents like the Wirthlins and Parkers throw pity parties for themselves because they don’t want their kids to ever hear any message that contradicts their own condemnation of the LGBT community.

These videos — and the Stop SB48 signature campaign they promote — are part of FRC’s pro-bullying campaign, which includes attacks on GLSEN and the “It Gets Better” project. This “family” group would prefer that young people have no access to any affirmative messages about LGBT people or the very sexual orientation or gender identity they may eventually identify with.