FRC Strategy Memo: ‘We Must Go On Offense,’ Target Secular Research And Young People

Jeremy Hooper has uncovered a strategy memo detailing the Family Research Council’s future spending plans. Like the infamous “race-wedging” documents that revealed the National Organization for Marriage’s malevloent intentions, this document provides a candid look at how this prominent anti-gay hate group views the culture war and where its focus will be moving forward. What’s particularly notable is FRC’s admission that its agenda is completely religious in nature, but that it intends to force its beliefs upon others. Here are a few highlights:

GO ON OFFENSE: FRC has consistently played great defense. But at this “moment of critical mass” for this and the next generation, we must go on the offense to advance the Christian worldview as America’s only hope. We must double our impact!

GENERATE BIASED RESEARCH: Society listens to academic research, so we must use the language the secular world understands to prove that marriage and worship are foundational to a healthy society and economy. The left has many large institutes manufacturing faulty research to support their anti-family agenda, pro-family conservatives need a social science research powerhouse.

TARGET YOUNG PEOPLE: We have an aggressive plan to engage high school and college students, equip young leaders, and find new ways to communicate truth to the internet generation… we must flood the public debate with fresh, new pro-family activists. FRC must expand our development of materials and video curriculum to equip pastors and laypeople to effectively engage the culture… To expand our reach, we must expand our team that works directly with pastors and their congregations.

FUND ASTROTURF MOVEMENT: Many battles happen on the state and local level where grassroots activsits need FRC’s expertise, and where it is easier to be proactive… we can do unlimited lobbying and more political activity through our affiliated 501(c)(4), FRC Action.

In many ways, this document offers reason to be hopeful. FRC clearly sees that on questions like marriage equality, it is losing on multiple fronts. All legitimate scientific research lends credence to supporting LGBT equality — the left’s “many large institutes” include every major medical organization in the country. The intense amount of pushback on Mark Regnerus’ illegitimate conclusions about the harms of gay parenting provides a great example of conservatives’ failure to justify their religious-based biases with scientific data.


Further, polling continues to show distinct generation gaps among young people on all LGBT issues, so FRC’s concern about targeting young people is telling. The tactic is a bit ironic, given that conservatives regularly attack the LGBT community for trying to “indoctrinate” young people, but that’s exactly what they want to do by finding “new ways to communicate the truth.” The dismal turnout at bus tour events over the past few years reminds just how minimal engaged support conservatives actually have on the ground. But “unlimited lobbying” won’t be enough to disrupt the incredible momentum away from discriminating beliefs.

This is the incredibly well-funded opposition. They intend to attack more, distort research, and spin messaging to impose their narrow religious ideas upon an increasingly inclusive culture. Let them try.

Steven Perlberg contributed to this post.