French Parliament Approves Essential Marriage Equality Article

Over the weekend, France’s Parliament approved a crucial aspect of the propose marriage equality bill. With a vote of 249–97, the Deputies approved the article of the bill that will define marriage as an agreement between two people of the opposite or same sex. They also scrapped an amendment that would have allowed mayors who object to same-sex marriage opt out of conducting them. With this vote so successful, proponents believe the full bill will now pass with ease.

Still, the bill faces some 5,000 amendments — literally — that conservative opponents have filed as a delaying tactic. Arguments against marriage equality in France sound similar to those used in the U.S., such as UMP MP Philippe Gosselin, who offered this slippery slope claim: “Today it is marriage and adoption. Tomorrow it will be medically assisted conception and surrogate mothers.” Still, with 63 percent of French voters in support of the bill, these arguments and tactics are not likely to faze the socialist lawmakers intent on passing full marriage equality.

Watch the historic vote:

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