Friday Tunes

Since it’s Friday, and I’m about to spend seven hours in a car, in the rain, heading to North Carolina, I thought it’s a good time for a light-hearted music post that has nothing to do with anything.

It’s no secret these days that video games have some great soundtracks. And although some tremendous scores are coming out in the modern era, it’s not entirely a new development; some of the classics go back 20 years or longer.

Chrono Cross got its North American release in 2000, so I’m on 11 years of thinking the theme is brilliant. So brilliant that I finally got talked into playing the game (JRPGs and I have a spotty and adversarial history) and am about 90 minutes into it so far.

Chrono Cross opening theme

This summer’s hit Bastion became as immediately noted for its soundtrack as for its gameplay and art design. It’s fusion in the broadest sense, being something like cowboy-techno-hip hop-bluegrass. “Build that Wall (Zia’s theme)” is probably the best, but for speeding up Excel wrangling at ye olde day job, “Spike in a Rail” is the winner.

Bastion OST — Spike in a Rail

In “I like men’s choirs, string bass, percussion and 6/8” news (see also: how I fell in love with Battlestar Galactica), there’s Halo, which is terrific fun to listen to (again, good for motoring through mundane desk-work tasks or even washing dishes!) even though I don’t have an XBox and haven’t personally played any version of it since 2002.

Halo main theme (orchestrated)

And last, but not least, “Terra’s theme” from Final Fantasy VI. It makes a really fantastic wedding prelude on piano. If you happen to be a gamer nerd marrying another gamer nerd two years ago this week. Such as. (It was his idea. I just found the sheet music.)

Terra’s Theme

That’s four out of, oh, hundreds. Maybe thousands. I’m sure a few more favorites in the comments wouldn’t be amiss? 😉


Thanks again to Alyssa for welcoming me into her space this week; I’ve had fun bringing game chats to the progressive pop culture crew over here.