Frist’s Post-Election Revelation: We Are ‘Not Winning’ In Iraq

Last night on Fox News, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) was asked to explain the midterm election results. Frist answered, “clearly, number one, the fact that we were not winning in Iraq dominated.” Watch it:


What a difference an election makes. In July, Frist said the conservative national security message for 2006 was, “We’re for staying the course in Iraq and the war on terror.” And as recently as last month, Frist said the U.S. was making “tremendous progress” in Iraq.

I’m confident that we are making tremendous progress in hunting down and killing the murderers of Islamic fascism, in stabilizing the democratic governments of Afghanistan and Iraq and in winning the generational struggle that is the War on Terror.


Full transcript:

HANNITY: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. All right, Senator, let’s first say — what do you think happened a week ago?

SEN. BILL FRIST (R-TN), SENATE MAJORITY LEADER: Well, Sean, I think it’s been reviewed many, many times. And, clearly, number one, the fact that we were not winning in Iraq dominated, and people just want change. And it will result in thoughtful consideration here over the next several days and weeks.