Frum incorrectly attributes quote to Olbermann that was posted on satire site.

On Tuesday, after the National Review’s David Frum compared Rachel Maddow to the racist hecklers at McCain-Palin rallies, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann named Frum the “worst person in the world.” Yesterday, writing on his blog in response, Frum attacked Olbermann, attributing the following statement to him:

McCain and Palin have set the table for these outbursts with their attacks and then committed the sin of omission by not truly quelling them. Sort of like standing outside the Reichstag holding a gas can, and calmly suggesting that someone might want to call the fire department.

But as Olbermann revealed last night, what Frum attributed to him was actually a post on humor site 23/6. Watch it:


Frum has deleted the blog post that attacked Olbermann.