Gaffney Ups the Wingnut Quotient

Frank Gaffney’s long been something of a lunatic, but he’s usually stuck to holding lunatic views about public policy (ask him sometime about the risk of Iran mounting an EMP attack against the US homeland). Now, though, he’s decided to go the full wingnut and start embracing crazy conspiracy theories about Obama having been secretly born in Indonesia or some such.

The theory behind the theory is that, decades ago, Obama’s mother (or someone) forged documents to make it appear that he was born in Hawaii rather than Indonesia. This was done on the theory that decades hence he might run for President and thus they needed to do this to prevent him from being declared ineligible under the “natural born citizen” clause even though even if he’d been born in Indonesia he’d still count as a natural born citizen! This isn’t an obscure point. John McCain was born in Panama, but he’s perfectly eligible.