Gay Chicago Catholics To Protest Cardinal Over KKK Comparison

The fallout from Cardinal Francis George’s comparison of LGBT equality advocates to the KKK continues, as gay Chicago Catholics are now planning to protest the Cardinal on Jan. 8 at Holy Name Cathedral. George made the comments after organizers of the city’s gay pride parade briefly considered rerouting the event past Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church during mass. After initially backing away from his remarks, George issued a statement in late December insisting that “the organizers invited an obvious comparison to other groups who have historically attempted to stifle the religious freedom of the Catholic Church. One such organization is the Ku Klux Klan which, well into the 1940′s, paraded through American cities not only to interfere with Catholic worship but also to demonstrate that Catholics stand outside of the American consensus. It is not a precedent anyone should want to emulate.” Several groups have called for George’s resignation. Watch a local news report on the story:

Fox 32 Chicago News, Weather, Breaking News, Sports, Live Reports | WFLDFox 32 Chicago News, breaking news, local headlines, weather, sports traffic and more.www.myfoxchicago.comGay Catholics Plan Protest Against Cardinal Over Comparison to Ku Klux Klan: