Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund President: We Will See A Viable Openly Gay Presidential Candidate In 20 Years

During an appearance this morning on CSPAN’s Washington Journal, Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund President Chuck Wolfe predicted that America will see its first viable openly gay presidential candidate in five election cycles:

WOLFE: I think we may see a candidate in 5 cycles, that’s 20 years. […] You have too build the bench here. So we’re spending a lot of time on the trainings, and getting people elected as mayors. We have a few state-wide elected officials today. Often somebody has a better chance if they’re a governor or U.S. senator, having been elected statewide to have an existing base to run for president of the United States. So, we’re beginning to see more people step into those ranks. And as we build that cadre of officials throughout the country, you’ll see some candidates prepared for the oval office.

Watch it:


Wolfe noted that Fred Karger, an openly gay presidential candidate vying for the Republican nomination, is already in the race, but said the Victory Fund has not endorsed him given his lack of electoral experience.