George Will Excoriates Gingrich’s Influence Peddling: ‘He’s The Classic Rental Politician’

Continuing his salted earth campaign against Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign, conservative columnist George Will said the former House speaker “embodies almost everything disagreeable about modern Washington.” “He’s the classic rental politician,” Will continued, suggesting that Gingrich’s political positions are for sale to the highest bidder. Will — whose wife works for Rick Perry — said Gingrich should hope people focus on his philandering and infidelity, instead of his pay-for-play influence peddling. Watch it:

Later, Will said, “I didn’t even get to finish my list,” to which he added, “absurd rhetorical grandiosity.”

Gingrich is reeling from revelations that he was paid over a million dollars to peddle influence for failed mortgage giant Freddie Mac. Even disgraced former Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff has called Gingrich “corrupt[].”


Responding to Will, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman quipped that Gingrich is “a stupid man’s idea of what a smart person sounds like.