Gillespie: ‘It Is Beyond Me’ Why Republicans Won’t Boycott NBC

Yesterday, Bush counselor Ed Gillespie sent an angry letter to NBC president Steve Capus demanding that the network run a correction for what he called the network’s “selective editing” of an interview with President Bush. NBC pointed out that the full interview “has been available, unedited, in its entirety, for the past day, on our website.”

Gillespie — and the rest of the right wing — was not mollified. Appearing on Glenn Beck’s radio show today, Gillespie continued to attack NBC. When Beck asked why conservatives continue to appear on the network, Gillespie replied, “It is beyond me frankly”:

BECK: While their [Fox News’s] journalists clearly or their commentators are clearly conservative, nobody in Washington is trying to — the Democrats are trying to blackball Fox by not going on any debates, et cetera, et cetera. You don’t see Republicans doing that to NBC, do you?

GILLESPIE: No, and sometimes I question why. It is beyond me frankly.

Listen to it:


Gillespie’s attack seems nothing more than part of a coordinated right-wing smear against NBC — considering that the White House has misleadingly edited news reports itself. For example, in an effort to portray the surge as a success last November, the White House removed references about the lack of political progress in Iraq from an ABC News segment and distributed the edited version of the report “to government officials, Congressional staffers,” and journalists. Only after ABC complained, the White House “acknowledged it was inappropriate” and sent a revised version.


It is ironic that an administration that has planted false news stories at home and abroad — and set up a secret program to use supposedly independent military officials as Pentagon spokesmen — is now outraged over “the blurring of the lines” between news and spin.