Gingrich Criticizes A Portion Of The Health Law He Previously Supported

New Gingrich pledges to repeal the Affordable Care Act on “day one”, but has also publicly praised several of its provisions — including the requirement that insurers allow young adults to remain on their parents’ health care plans. “There are clearly things that we’d like to see continued and we’d like to see legislation passed almost concurrently that will sustain the good parts,” Gingrich told corporate clients while working for his health care think tank. He expanded on the theme during a campaign stop in New Hampshire last year, specifically identifying the young adults provision as something he would like to maintain. “That particular piece there is nothing wrong with. I didn’t say there is anything wrong with that. I’m happy to concede out of 2,800 pages, at least 200 are good.”

But during a town hall in South Carolina this morning, the former House speaker tried to play to the Republican crowd and ridiculed the young adult provision:

GINGRICH: Obama would like you to be on your parents’ insurance until your 26. I would like for you to have a job, so you can be on your own insurance. You know, you decide which is a better future.

Watch it:


Recent data found that 2.5 million young adults who either lost insurance from their employer or were previously uninsured now have coverage as a result of the provision. In fact, if Gingrich would honestly considers the rest of the law, he would find many more provisions he could agree with.