Gingrich Says ‘Our Very Survival As A Country’ Depends On U.S. Manufacturing, Buys Campaign T-Shirts In El Salvador

Twitter-challenged Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich went on Sean Hannity’s radio show yesterday where he attacked President Obama’s economic policies and called for “put[ting] Americans back to work” by rebuilding “American manufacturing.” “We can’t have a national security system if we don’t make anything,” Gingirch said, “so our very survival as a country requires us to rebuild our manufacturing base.” Listen here:

While Gingrich is right to call for more American manufacturing, he apparently isn’t interested in contributing to this vital industry himself, as his campaign’s t-shirts are made in El Salvador, ABC News discovered last week. His campaign blamed the embarrassing fact on the campaign’s “volunteers.”


That’s a pretty inexcusable freshman campaign mistake,” Scott Paul of the Alliance for American Manufacturing said of Gingrich and the other GOP presidential candidates whose swag is not “Made in the U.S.A.”