Gingrich Suggests Cain Is Obviously ‘Not Ready For Primetime’

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich suggested fellow GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain is “not ready for prime time” because of his lack of foreign policy knowledge. Speaking on Laura Ingraham’s radio show today, Gingrich responded to Cain’s latest foreign policy gaffe — saying he was “not familiar” with the term “neoconservative” — by saying that while lots of people who run for president are “smart at a lot of things,” presidents must know national security from “the opening minute.” After Ingraham’s played the clip of Cain from yesterday’s Meet the Press, Gingrich responded:

GINGRICH: You know, really smart guys over the past have tried this out — four star generals have tried this out — and they may know a lot about one zone, but then they get into some other area and just fall apart and it’s obvious they’re not ready for prime time.

We are inevitably having to deal with national security…from the opening minute. This is why Hillary Clinton’s 3o’clock telephone ad was so effective during the primaries in 2008. The president of the United States walks in that morning and you better be capable of understanding.

Listen here: