Giuliani Lauds Obama’s Election: It Makes America ‘An Honest Nation And Not A Hypocritical One’

In an interview with Sky News, former NYC Mayor and Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani said the election of Barack Obama will help America’s image abroad.

“Even those who voted against him, like me, say ‘We’re very thankful this has happened. This is the consolation prize’,” he said. “If you look at America — which I believe is a great nation… one of the terrible marks against us is slavery and racism, and I think that’s a great thing for America to have overcome.” He said of Obama’s victory:

I believe that will gain us a tremendous amount in the world community. We can now be an honest nation and not a hypocritical one.

Watch it:

Giuliani also lauded Obama’s early personnel selections. “I think he made very good choices for his Cabinet. Very bold choices,” he said.

Giuliani’s new laudatory tone is a surprising shift from the ferocious attack dog he played during the campaign:

He worked as a community organizer. (Laughter). What? I said, ok, ok, this is maybe the first problem on the resume. He worked as a community organizer.

After first claiming to “respect” Obama for his honesty in discussing his past drug use, Giuliani later attacked: “God forbid somebody would do some reporting on Barack Obama’s use of drugs.” Giuliani also criticized Obama on the anniversary of 9/11, claiming Obama would take “softer” approach to terrorism. And he ripped Obama as being “too close to the presidency not to have formed views about” Israel.


Indeed, Obama’s election has helped reveal hypocrisy — the hypocrisy of Giuliani’s baseless and shameless fearmongering during the campaign.