Giuliani’s emergency coordinator speaks out.

Jerome Hauer, New York City’s first emergency management director, was once part of “the nucleus” of Rudy Giuliani’s “tight-knit set of advisers.” Now, he’s trying to set the record straight about what he sees as Giuliani’s “deeply flawed” anti-terrorism record:

In recent days, Mr. Hauer has challenged Mr. Giuliani’s recollection that he had little role as mayor in placing the city’s emergency command center at the ill-fated World Trade Center.

Mr. Hauer has also disputed the claim by the Giuliani campaign that the mayor’s wife, Judith Giuliani, had coordinated a help center for families after the attack.

And he has contradicted Mr. Giuliani’s assertions that the city’s emergency response was well coordinated that day, a point he made most notably to the authors of “Grand Illusion,” a book that depicts Mr. Giuliani’s antiterrorism efforts as deeply flawed.