Give ’Em the Boot

Tonight I get to celebrate the end of my first day at the new job by checking out Rancid at the 9:30 Club. They’re one of my favorite bands of all-time but I haven’t seen them live in approximately forever. I even bought a new pair of classic Doc Martens to celebrate my transformation into a pathetic old man whose life is dominated by nostalgia. Meanwhile, like any good Rancid fan who’s also a transit fan, my favorite song is “Roots Radical” and last week while not blogging I got bored and looked up this map of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority’s 60 Bus. Behold:

As you can, indeed, head out of downtown Campbell. These days it seems the area is now also served by a light rail line though that may not have been the case at the time the song was written and I suppose only posers take light rail anyway.