Given Her Endorsement Of Anti-Gay Pastor Bradlee Dean, Does Bachmann Believes ‘It Gets Better’?

Yesterday, Avidor of Dump Michele Bachmann published a clip of Bachmann pal, rocker turned minister Bradlee Dean denouncing the anti-gay bullying campaigns targeting gay youth and describing bullying — which may have contributed to the spike in gay teen suicides around the country — as character building. Dean is currently suing MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and the Minnesota Independent’s Andy Birkey for saying that he wanted to kill homosexuals.

In the clip below, Dean suggests that — at the very least — — he’s not concerned about the great number of gay teens taking their lives because of the way they are treated in schools. Some highlights from his rant:

— Listen folks, when you’re in public schools, everybody has to go through it. Everybody gets bullied, everybody gets picked on. It builds character!

They’re targeting your kids, and I’m talking about the radical LGBT groups.


Dean argues that his lawsuit against Maddow and Birkey is designed to “protect the young in public high schools” from homosexual indoctrination and prevent the media from smearing Michele Bachmann, who he first met in 2005 when she served as a Minnesota state senator. Bachmann has commended Dean’s ministry, saying, “Your work is a testament to the struggle our youth are facing in making the right choices in the face of controversy and peer pressure. […] I commend you on writing this book for parents and youth alike.” She has appeared on his radio show and attended his fundraisers, and one wonders if she agrees with his opposition to anti-gay bullying campaigns.


After all, Bachmann has thus far remained silent about the slew of suicides reportedly motivated by anti-gay bullying in a Minnesota school district she represents and has a track record of using similar language to dismiss bullying. For instance, while at a hearing over a bill that would mandate anti-bullying policies in Minnesota’s schools, then Sen. Bachmann described bullying as simply a practical reality. “There has always been bullying always have been, always will be. I just don’t know how we’re ever going to get to point of zero tolerance and what does it mean?” she asked. “Will we be expecting boys to be girls? What is it exactly that we’re asking for?”