Given Two Chances, Rossi Fails To Identify One Budget Item He Would Cut To Offset Tax Cuts For The Rich

Deficit fraud Dino Rossi, who is running on the Republican ticket for Senate in Washington, spends a lot of time fearmongering about the deficit while advocating for policies that would make that deficit worse. Rossi would also like to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest two percent of Americans — at a cost of $830 billion over ten years — and as he made clear during a debate last night, he has no intention of cutting the budget in order to cover that cost.

During a portion of the debate during which the two candidates were given an opportunity to question each other, Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) asked Rossi what he would eliminate from the budget in order to offset the cost of the Bush tax cuts for the rich. Rossi refused to answer, instead attacking Murray’s record.

Murray asked a second time, to which Rossi replied, “I answer your questions, it’s just not your answers.” But in both instances, Rossi failed to identify one single item he would cut from the budget. Watch it:

According to the Tacoma-Seattle News Tribune, Rossi “said after the debate that there should be measures to offset the extension of the tax cuts, but said that as with any budget cuts, it’s impossible to detail them, since it involves cutting thousands of budget line items.”


Of course, Rossi is far from alone in being unwilling to identify one item in the budget that could be cut to begin reducing the deficit. Yesterday, Carly Fiorina, California’s Republican senate nominee, was asked seven times what she would cut from the budget to offset extending the Bush tax cuts and failed to name anything.

Finding the money to offset the Bush tax cuts (and Democrats want to extend a lot of them without paying for it as well) would require cutting huge swathes of the budget, including popular and vital social safety net programs. So, in order to avoid offending any portion of the population, it seems that Rossi is subscribing to the Linda McMahon version of campaigning: elect me first, and then I’ll tell you what budget cuts I’m for.