Glenn Beck says his smear campaign against Van Jones was ‘not a personal thing.’

Last year, one of Fox News host Glenn Beck’s top targets was Van Jones, former Obama administration special adviser for green jobs. Beck went on a vicious character assassination campaign against Jones, calling him “a communist-anarchist radical.” This weekend, while accepting an award from the NAACP, Jones took the high road and directly addressed Beck: “I see you, and I love you, brother. I love you, and you cannot do anything about it. I love you, and you cannot do anything about it. Let’s be one country!” Today on his radio show, Beck insisted that his campaign against Jones was “not a personal thing” and he never really wanted him fired:

BECK: To Van Jones … I appreciate the fact that you love me. And as my eternal brother, I love you as well. Now, it’s never been a personal thing and I’m not sure why you’re trying to make it a personal issue. But it’s not a personal thing. It never has been. I was somebody who didn’t want you fired.

Watch it:

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Later in the show, one of Beck’s listeners called in and explained that he presented Jones with a copy of one of Beck’s books for an autograph; the former White House advisor gladly autographed the book, writing, “Let’s be one country!” Beck offered the the listener $1000 and an autographed edition of a different one of his books for the book, and the listener agreed to give it to Beck. The hate radio host plans to use it to fundraise for his August 28, 2010, rally in Washington, D.C., “Restoring Honor.”