Global Boiling: ABC Reports On Fossil-Fueled Climate Catastrophes

As epic floods fueled by global warming pollution ravage the globe from Australia to Brazil, from Sri Lanka to Germany — following the hottest and wettest year in recorded history — the traditional media is beginning to notice. ABC News described the consequences of humanity’s abuse of fossil fuels in two segments yesterday, interviewing Dr. Richard Somerville, the Nobel-winning scientist who led the IPCC report on the state of climate science in 2007:

This is no longer something that’s theory or conjecture or something that comes out of computer models. We’re observing the climate changing. It’s real. It’s happening. It’s scientific fact.

On ABC World News, anchor Diane Sawyer explained that “the evidence is in”: the energy trapped in our air and oceans by billions of tons of fossil fuel pollution is the reason “why we’re reeling from the deadly weather extremes,” including record one-day snowfalls in Hartford, CT, and Albany, NY:

Later on Nightline, anchor Cynthia McFadden introduced Jeffrey Kofman, who described acts of heroism and “apocalyptic” devastation in a “grim week of floods around the world, floods of, well, biblical proportion” that are “washing away entire cities”:

Linsey Davis ended her segment on ABC World News with the warning, “Many scientists say the forecast is looking more and more extreme.”


Meanwhile, the polluter takeover of Washington continues, with Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) the latest to announce an all-out assault on the Obama administration’s efforts to protect the nation from carbon pollution.