GM Hires Fox News Mouthpiece Sean Hannity As Spokesman

General Motors has hired right-wing talk show host Sean Hannity to be the lead spokesman for a car giveaway campaign called “You’re a Great American”:

To stimulate consumer interest in its line of American-built cars, General Motors has turned to radio and Sean Hannity. … Hannity will serve as the spokesperson for GM’s You’re A Great American Car Give-Away, offering radio listeners the chance to pick and win one of five GM vehicles.

Hannity’s hiring comes as GM launches a new patriotic-themed ad campaign. The ads for GM’s Chevrolet Silverado include the slogan “Our country, our truck” and feature images of Rosa Parks and hurricane-damaged houses:

Hannity has a long history of divisive remarks and has repeatedly questioned the patriotism of his political opponents:

— Hannity said a Democratic victory in the midterm elections could be a “victory for the terrorists

— Hannity said that “making sure Nancy Pelosi doesn’t become the [House] speaker” is “worth … dying for.”

— Hannity defended Ann Coulter’s attack on the widows of 9/11 victims, whom Coulter described as “broads” who were “enjoying their husbands’ deaths.”

— Hannity compared voting for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) to voting for terrorist groups Hamas or Hezbollah.

GM should not make Sean Hannity the face of its promotions.

UPDATE: Read GM’s response.

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