Congressman claims ‘radical Islamists’ plan on using transgender U.S. troops as a recruiting tool

“Friendly Muslims” told him this.

CREDIT: C-SPAN screengrab
CREDIT: C-SPAN screengrab

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) thinks that transgender members of the U.S. military are an “advertising bonanza” for “radical Islamists.”

“When it’s advertised that the United States Congress is in favor of taking men and surgically making them into women with the money that they would use to protect the nation otherwise…then it is an advertising bonanza for the radical Islamists,” Gohmert said Friday in a speech on the house floor, after referring to transness as a “type of lifestyle.”

“Because my Muslim friends tell me, the recruits, you’re right, if that’s how stupid they are, this society has no right to remain on the earth. We need to take them out. They are too stupid.” He had referred to these unnamed “Muslim friends” earlier in his speech: “friendly Muslims — Muslim friends, yes, I do have them from around the world.”

The bizarre claim was made in defense of an amendment to the NDAA which would prohibit the military for providing spending money on transgender-related health needs other than mental health treatment. Gohmert was disappointed that the Senate rejected the amendment on Thursday.

Earlier, Gohmert had disparaged transgender service members in general. “We will take that money that could save another member’s life, and we’ll spend that on this expensive surgery to change your organs, maybe cut ’em off or add some,” Gohmert said, referring to gender reassignment.

In another recent floor speech, Gohmert claimed that a Matt Damon movie proved anti-gay discrimination was justified.