Gonzales: Roberts Abortion Questions Would “Certainly Be Appropriate”

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said yesterday that he believes it would be “certainly be appropriate” for the Judiciary Committee to question John Roberts about his personal views on abortion rights.

Gonzales also appeared to take sides in a debate between Senate Judiciary Committee members Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and John Cornyn (R-TX) over whether senators should ask John Roberts if Roe v. Wade “was correctly decided.” Cornyn has called on Schumer to avoid such questions, since they “will undoubtedly force [Roberts] to prejudge a case that is currently pending on the court’s docket.” But Gonzales seems to think differently:

Putting himself in Roberts’ place, Gonzales said he would want to review the court filings, transcripts of arguments and law at the time. He said Roberts “may be in a position” to answer the question [about Roe v. Wade].

Senate conservatives are so intent on sheltering Roberts from tough questioning that even one of President Bush’s most trusted aides is a moderating voice.