Google Unveils First ‘Legalize Love’ Efforts

Google recently announced a new “Legalize Love” campaign to advocate for LGBT rights across the globe. This week, the internet juggernaut shared some of its initial efforts on a new Diversity page called “Legalise Love: LGBT Rights Are Human Rights”:

We’re always looking for ways to educate the broader community about LGBT rights and inclusion, through seminars, trainings and conferences hosted at Google. As part of the World Pride celebration in London this year, we brought 100 guests from LGBT advocacy groups, employee networks and diversity organisations to our office in London for the first ever Google Legalise Love Conference. Our goal was to start a debate about creating an inclusive workplace for LGBT employees around the world. Our guest speakers included Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty Human Rights, Peter Tatchell of The Peter Tatchell Foundation, and a panel of campaigners representing Europe, India, Africa and Asia.

In addition to the Google Legalise Love Conference

  • In our Warsaw office, we hosted politician and LGBT activist Krystian Legierski for an office-wide talk and discussion lunch on the importance of civil partnership laws.
  • We sponsored the production of Stonewall’s latest Workplace Guide Global Working: Supporting LGB Staff Overseas and hosted a seminar at our London office for Stonewall diversity champions, exploring how organisations use their global influence to promote better workplaces for lesbian, gay and bisexual staff around the world.
  • At Google London, the Kaleidoscope Trust held a gathering of LGBT activists from over 40 countries to discuss a roadmap to achieve an inclusive British Commonwealth.

This seems like a promising start to realizing the potential Google has to truly raise awareness about LGBT people and the persecution they face the world over. The company clearly understands that it’s better off if it can support its LGBT employees no matter where on the planet they work and that changes within the company are not enough to achieve a safe and inclusive working environment.