GOP Candidate’s Claims That Mexicans Are Being Bused In To Vote Dismissed By AZ Secretary Of State

This past Wednesday, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett released a statement indicating that right-wing allegations that the SEIU-affiliated Mi Familia Vota had committed voter fraud in Arizona’s Yuma County “are without merit.” However, that same day congressional candidate Jesse Kelly (R-AZ) told right-wing radio host Mark Levin that there were “rumors” that Mexicans were being brought into his own precinct to vote:

LEVIN: You’re gonna have to squeeze out every single vote there plus some because they’re gonna pull their dirty tricks like they always do, Jess.

KELLY: They already are down here. We’re already getting reports of voter fraud. Especially in one of the counties in my district there is actually rumors — people have video of them bussing people across from our southern border. We’re a border district. They literally bus people across from Mexico to have them vote at the polls on election day, give them a meal, and then bus them back. So we’re really fighting against that down here.


Matthew Benson, communications director for the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office responded directly to Kelly’s allegations, saying, “We’ve seen no evidence of that allegation.” Benson called it an “urban legend” and pointed out that “in terms of specific instances, we haven’t seen it.”


Though right-wing claims of voter fraud in Arizona have been dismissed, a message issued by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to his supporters has others worried about voter intimidation. Arpaio wrote: “”STOP ILLEGALS FROM STEALING THE ELECTION! Our grassroots army of VOTER FRAUD PREVENTION VOLUNTEERS will stand vigilant across the nation. We will be the first and strongest line of defense to ensure that only legal citizens vote on November 2nd.”

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