GOP Congressman: Massive Traffic To Obamacare Exchanges Was Members Of Congress And The Media

A Republican congressman sought to dismiss the higher-than-expected web traffic for Obamacare’s on Friday by suggesting that most of the six million people who visited the law’s marketplace website were journalists and members of Congress, not uninsured Americans looking for coverage.

“I think if you subtract out members of Congress and their staff and reporters who called in those first 48 hours the numbers will be considerably lower,” Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX), who is also a medical doctor, told CNN. “We will have an opportunity to dissect these numbers in our subcommittee of oversight investigations later this month or next month.” Watch it:

Obamacare’s website experienced high volumes of traffic in the first couple of days of enrollment, which may have contributed to massive glitches and delays.


The popularity of the site has led some conservatives to downplay the popularity of reform. On Tuesday, Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer suggested that the numbers paled in comparison to the population of the United States and the Arkansas head of the group ‘Americans for Prosperity’ told The Voice’s The Alice Stewart Show on Thursday that most of the traffic was driven by the Drudge Report.