GOP Congressman: ‘The Best Thing About The Earth Is If You Poke Holes In It Oil And Gas Come Out’

The planet we live on is valuable only as a repository for natural resources, according to Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX). Stockman, a lawmaker best known for bringing Ted Nugent to the State of the Union and opposing the Violence Against Women Act because it protected “change-gender” individuals, went on an extended Twitter rant Thursday afternoon accusing environmentalists of hating science.

His commentary included several dubious assertions about the planet:

The offshore drilling moratorium Stockman refers to largely does not cover the majority of federal land. The moratorium was originally imposed after a massive oil spill off of the coast of Santa Barbara caused three million gallons of oil to leak into the ocean.


Most people probably believe the best thing about the Earth is that it has a stable biosphere and climate that sustains life — unique among all the planets we have observed. And while Stockman asserts that liberals hate science, he refers to the scientific reality of anthropogenic climate change — something that could kill millions of people in the next two decades alone and ultimately destroy our livable climate — as “the new fad thing.”

Stockman’s number one source of corporate campaign donations in the 2012 election was the oil and gas industry.