GOP Congressman Threatens To Shut Down The Government Unless Obamacare Is Defunded

Like an unrequited suitor who just won’t take a hint, one GOP congressman is still searching for a way to convince Congress that, if they’re just given a 34th chance, Obamacare can be repealed.

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), who entered Congress this year after defeating former Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK) in last year’s GOP primary, told Mike Huckabee on his radio show today that he’s “hoping and praying” his Party will finally defund Obamacare.

Rather than going through the normal legislative process, Bridenstine proposed a more pernicious approach: making a government-funding bill contingent on Congress defunding Obamacare. “If they want to fund the government, they’ve got to defund Obamacare,” Bridenstine said. “I support that 100%.”

BRIDENSTINE: I’m hoping and praying that Republicans will tie the defunding of Obamacare — the Senate’s working on it right now — to the continuing resolution, which means it has teeth. If they want to fund the government, they’ve got to defund Obamacare. I support that 100%. If we can it to something like that or the next debt limit increase. We need to relitigate this now that all these rules and regulations have been promulgated and we can make the case.


Of course, Republicans have tried to defund Obamacare nearly three dozen times since taking control of the House in 2010. They challenged the law in court (and lost). They ran against President Obama in 2012 (and lost). One congressman is even trying to outlaw Obamacare via constitutional amendment. Despite all these maneuvers, Obamacare remains the law of the land.

If Congress were an awards show, the orchestra would have played its wrap-it-up music months ago.