GOP Gubernatorial Candidate: Health Insurance Shouldn’t Cover Doctors’ Visits

During a policy breakfast for the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce last August, Virginia state attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli (R-VA) compared health care coverage to car insurance, and argued that insurance plans shouldn’t cover routine care such as doctors’ visits.

According to an account of the meeting in the Ashburn Patch, Cuccinelli claimed that insurance was “never intended” to cover services like doctor visits and was meant to be limited to catastrophic illnesses. To illustrate his logic, Cuccinelli pointed out that car insurance doesn’t pay for routine maintenance such as oil changes.

Many conservatives have pushed catastrophic care as a way of dealing with rising costs. But these types of plans force consumers who have anything other than a devastating illness or accident to pay for all of their care out-of-pocket or forgo it entirely. Doctors’ visits and regular preventative care, on the other hand, can prevent many of the conditions that may cause a catastrophic condition to form in the first place.



This story has been updated to reflect the fact that the meeting took place in August of 2012.