GOP Presidential Candidate Buddy Roemer Blasts Lobbyists, Endorses Directly Occupying Lobbying Firms

Former Louisiana governor and two-term congressman Buddy Roemer isn’t your average GOP presidential primary candidate. Roemer is running on a platform blasting corporate America for its control over the political process and endorsing major campaign finance reform.

This afternoon, Roemer appeared at Occupy D.C. to lend his support to the group’s efforts to break the one percent’s strangehold over our federal government. Roemer explained to one protester that “big checks are first in line” for our politicians’ ears, and that “this is a government that is owned by the lobbies, PACs, and special interests.” Watch it:

ThinkProgress asked Roemer if he supports Occupy D.C. and other groups taking their protests directly to the lobbying firms and others who have seized control of the government. He answered that he does. Watch it:


Roemer has distinguished himself by being a Republican ally for the 99 Percent, even blasting New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg after he evicted Occupy Wall Street from Zuccotti Park.


At Salon, I make the argument that Roemer presents an opportunity for non-Republicans to “occupy the GOP” primaries.