GOP Rep Mocks Congresswoman’s Outfit At State Of The Union

A Texas-based conservative talk radio host, Michael Berry, ran a betting pool during Tuesday night’s State of the Union over what color Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s (D-TX) outfit would be.

But while that action alone might be blatantly sexist — would one ever make a bet over hue of a Congressman’s suit? — what makes it worse is that Jackson Lee’s colleague, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX), joined in on the pool. He tweeted about it just minutes before Obama’s speech began:

After the speech, Berry posted a highly-offensive comparison shot between Jackson Lee and Grimace, the large, purple cartoon character from McDonald’s commercials. The radio host also tweeted a series of sexist comments about women at the event, including, “holy shit that woman is ugly,” and “Who was that Teletubby with the Crown Weave? #SOTU #purpledrank.” Of Jackson Lee he also added, “SheJack’s new album is entitled Purple Pain.”


Congresman Stockman seems to have a penchant for stirring up controversy and associating himself with unpalatable figures. He also invited Ted Nugent, the rock musician who last year threatened the President’s life, as his guest to the state of the union.

Stockman is such a big fan of Berry that he and Nugent actually listened to the host’s radio show while they were live on CNN together.