GOP Rep. Nunes: Cash for Committee Assigments

It seems House Republicans are having some trouble getting their members to pony up campaign cash:

House Republicans are struggling to raise campaign cash from a key constituency — their own colleagues. And if tight-fisted GOP lawmakers don’t pony up soon, sources on Capitol Hill say they could find themselves stripped of plum subcommittee assignments.

Things are so bad that some Republican lawmakers and aides are pushing a plan to give the party’s Steering Committee authority to block lawmakers from receiving coveted subcommittee assignments if they fail to donate adequate campaign cash to the party, according to members, aides and outside lobbyists familiar with the proposal.

But at a recent closed-door strategy session, House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) shot down suggestions by California Rep. Devin Nunes that Republicans base subcommittee assignments on campaign contributions and other work for the party. According to people who attended the meeting, Boehner told the lawmakers, “We are not going to get in the business of members buying seats.”


Apparently Republican fundraising efforts in general had been disappointing ever since they lost the majority. Over the summer, though, the right-wing’s strong push to mortgage America’s coastal areas to the short-term interests of oil companies reaped substantial financial rewards.