GOP Rep. Tom Price Refuses To Disparage Occupy Wall Street, Says He Understands Its Frustrations

On Monday, Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) visited Kennesaw State University and fielded questions from students. In a video captured on YouTube, a student asked Price about what he thought about the 99 Percent Movement and the occupations taking place across the country.

Price, despite being one of the most right-wing members of the House of Representatives, said he did not want to disparage the movement like many of his colleagues. While he thinks some of the anger of the movement is misdirected, he understands its “frustrations”:

STUDENT: What do you think about the occupation of Wall Street movement.

PRICE: What do I think about the occupation of Wall Street movement. From the first time that this began, a lot of my colleagues, there were some who were disparaging of this movement. What I said, I believed it then and I believe it now. The Occupy Wall Street movement and all the other discontent that’s out there in society says that people have the same kind of impression that I’ve tried to convey to you about the disfunction of our policymakers in addressing the major issues of the day. And that frustration and anger extends all the way from the far right to the far left. It’s a peculiar response because I think it’s misdirected. I think a lot of the anger ought to be directed towards the administration. That’s my political sense. I understand completely the frustration people are feeling.


Watch it:

If even a very right-wing member of Congress like Price is expressing empathy towards Occupy Wall Street, it means that the protesters in New York City and the wider movement have gained a hefty amount of political clout. (HT: JswiftMedia YouTube account)