GOP Senate Candidate Rob Simmons Boasts Of Adding A Tea Bag To The Constitution

Speaking to a group of right-wing activists recently, former congressman Rob Simmons (R-CT) — who is running for the Senate in Connecticut — demonstrated his commitment to the “tea party” movement by showing that he has added an actual tea bag to his copy of the Constitution.

Although three of Connecticut’s leading newspapers denounced the tea parties for promoting “insulting drivel” and “mindless thuggery,” Simmons told YouTube user “AndersonScooper” he has never see anything offensive at any of the tea parties he has attended:

SIMMONS: This state and this country needs people like you. […] I’ve made it a habit over the years to carry my Constitution in my pocket as a reminder of what this country and what this country’s government is all about. But more recently because of the participation of many of you, I’ve added something to my Constitution. I’ve added a tea bag. [audience chuckles]

Watch Simmons adding a tea bag to his pocket Constitution at a recent tea party gathering and excitedly addressing a Norwich tea party in July:


Connecticut tea baggers authored the infamous memo outlining the strategy for intimidating Democratic lawmakers with shouting and interruptions at town halls. Tea Party Patriots, a website managed in part by FreedomWorks, then distributed the memo.