GOP Senator Exploits Immigrant Deaths To Oppose Immigration Reform

On Monday, before the second meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee to markup the bipartisan immigration reform bill, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) released a Youtube video titled “Is This How We Define a Secure Border?” to attack the Obama administration’s handling of border crossers into America.

The one-minute video shows a pensive Cornyn visiting various unnamed graves of undocumented immigrants and ending with the question, “Is this how we define secure?” Watch it:

Ironically, Cornyn is blocking an immigration reform bill that would effectively prevent more senseless border deaths from occurring. Migrants often have to rely on smugglers who leave them to die in the desert.


Cornyn has offered several amendments that would likely undermine the bill’s passage, including an amendment that would militarize the southern border. Immigration reform is designed to provide a safer and lawful border entry for seasonal workers and families, which would be a better alternative than the status quo of allowing migrants to die during border crossings.