GOP Stimulus Critic Launches Senate Campaign At Company That Benefited From Stimulus Funds

There has been plenty of stimulus hypocrisy within the GOP — as Republican lawmakers try to take credit for jobs and projects funded by the Recovery Act that they opposed — but few have managed to register on the hypocrite dial before even getting on the campaign trail. However, that’s what former Gov. Tommy Thompson (WI) did when he announced yesterday that he will contend for the GOP nomination for Wisconsin’s Senate seat that is being vacated by retiring Sen. Herb Kohl (D).

Thompson has been a critic of the Recovery Act, saying that he was “disturbed” with the direction of the country following the stimulus vote, and his advisers highlighting it as an example of “runaway government spending.” But as it turns out, Thompson decided to kick off his campaign at a company that has benefited from stimulus dollars:

Former Gov. Tommy Thompson hasn’t been afraid to attack others for backing President Barack Obama’s controversial stimulus package. […] So isn’t it odd that Thompson is officially launching his bid for the U.S. Senate today at a company that directly benefited from the Recovery Act?

Federal records show Weldall Manufacturing in Waukesha was awarded $300,000 in stimulus dollars in October 2010 under an energy project overseen by the state Department of Administration. Here are the project specifics.

The funding created about 100 jobs at the company. Not only did the Recovery Act help at that company, but it also went to aid several companies with which Thompson is involved. In fact, “Logistics Health of La Crosse — of which Thompson is the president — got $277,000 stimulus dollars for 3 contracts.”


Thompson explained that he was unaware that the company at which he made his announcement had received Recovery Act funding, but that “it was a good thing if it created jobs.”