GOP’s Cuts To Community Health Centers Would Lead To Loss Of More Than 178,000 Jobs

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is claiming that he doesn’t “want anyone to lose their job.” My colleague Ellen-Marie Whelan has produced this interactive estimating how many jobs would be lost under the GOP’s continuing resolution to slash community health centers (CHC). Republicans are proposing to cut $1 billion from the FY 2010 baseline funding, which would translate into a loss of more than 178,000 jobs. Boehner’s home state of Ohio would lose 3,125 jobs:

What kind of jobs? First, and most obviously, these health centers directly employ people in their communities, including doctors, nurses, other health professionals, and key entry-level jobs. The centers provide training on-site and other community-based opportunities. And they purchase goods and services from local businesses and expand and build new locations. All of these activities create additional jobs.

Look (and click here for the interactive):

Whelan estimates that defunding Affordable Care Act (and its $11 billion for community health centers) — the GOP’s other priority — would mean a loss of even more economic activity and eliminate nearly 300,000 jobs in 2015. (See that map here.)


Ironically, Republicans have long supported CHCs as a means of expanding coverage. Former President George W. Bush doubled U.S. financing for community health centers and Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) — who put together the Republican CR — has described CHCs as “essential,” regularly touting new federal funds for CHCs in his district.