GOP’s Dim Bulb Obsession Threatens Government Shutdown

Tea Party members in the House of Representatives are trying to stuff their “light bulb ban” legislation into the last-minute appropriations omnibus bill to fund the government for the rest of fiscal 2012, E&E; News and The Hill report. Even though the lighting industry has embraced efficiency standards passed under the Bush administration and designed new, high-efficiency incandescent bulbs, Tea Partiers “paint the standards as a ban on incandescent light bulbs and cite them as an example of government overreach.” The light-bulb language is one of the many riders the GOP is trying to attach that “restrict an array of Obama administration environmental policies, from stormwater discharge regulations to emissions limits for industrial boilers.”


“The anti-efficient light bulb rider is a dim idea that will leave millions of consumers in the dark about saving money, reducing energy use, and cutting air pollution,” says Center for American Progress senior fellow Daniel Weiss. “This rider opposes innovation and technological advancement in order to keep Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party happy.”