Gore: Climate situation ‘has not improved’ since 2006 film.

In a new interview with The Sun, former vice president Al Gore says that not enough has been done to combat global warming since his 2006 documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth”:

I have to say the situation has not improved since I made the movie in 2006. Sure, awareness has grown and more people are concerned since scientists said we had just ten years to take action to halt rising sea levels.

But the situation has got worse. The entire North Polar ice cap is melting and could be gone in some areas in as little as five years.

You have to ask what would it take to set off the alarm bells to make this a top-of-mind priority in the body politic. If you had told me a few years ago that we would be facing a situation where the entire North Polar ice cap was going to imminently disappear, I might have thought we’d certainly get people’s attention, and yet only to a limited degree.


Gore also criticized the Bush administration’s inaction on the issue, adding that “while it’s important to change lightbulbs, it’s far more important to change laws.”[featuredcomment]gummitch Says: “There was an interesting segment on Morning Edition today about a couple of Dutch engineer/architects building floating cities for Dubai. They have ideas and plans to help coastal cities take advantage of rising seas.”[/featuredcomment]