Stable genius Seb Gorka is at it again, accidentally confirms White House cooperated with Wolff book

Master of none.

White House Deputy Assistant To The President Sebastian Gorka speaks as he is interviewed by Fox News CREDIT: Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images
White House Deputy Assistant To The President Sebastian Gorka speaks as he is interviewed by Fox News CREDIT: Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Seb Gorka is at it again. On Monday, the ousted White House staffer with alleged Nazi ties accidentally confirmed that White House staffers were told to speak to Michael Wolff, the author of Fire and Fury, the Trump tell-all book D.C. can’t stop talking about.

In a column for The Hill Monday headlined, “Don’t believe Michael Wolff’s book about Trump if you want the truth,” Gorka writes that, while working at the White House, he didn’t trust any journalist with whom he didn’t have a preexisting relationship and “if you came from an outlet that belonged to what President Trump calls #FakeNews, I really wasn’t interested in becoming your friend.”

But he goes on to say, in a hilariously misguided effort to discredit Wolff, that the author was indeed given access to the White House and staffers were asked to speak with him.

“[Y]ou’d never see Jim Acosta coming out of my office or Maggie Haberman buying me an espresso at Peet’s around the corner from the West Wing,” Gorka writes in the column. “So, when I met Michael Wolff in Reince Priebus’ office, where he was waiting to talk to Steve Bannon, and after I had been told to also speak to him for his book, my attitude was polite but firm: ‘Thanks but no thanks.’ Our brief encounter reinforced my gut feeling that this oleaginous scribe had no interest in being fair and unbiased.”


Trump has said he never authorized any access to the White House, called Wolff’s book “a Fake Book” and  tweeting last week that he “actually turned [Wolff] down many times.”

And yet Gorka — in an effort to stand by his man — has confirmed that Wolff did indeed have access to the White House and that staffers were asked to speak with him for the book.


After Mediaite ran a piece about Gorka’s accidental admission, Gorka responded on Twitter, saying that the “[r]equest to please @MichaelWolffNYC the hack came from outsite @WhiteHouse,” adding that he was “happy to refuse.”

Gorka left the White House in August, complaining at the time that the Trump administration was not Islamophobic enough. Gorka says he resigned from his role, but a White House official told a reporter at the time that Gorka “did not resign” but “no longer works at the White House.”

Before leaving (or losing) his job, The Forward reported that Gorka was a sworn member of the Hungarian Nazi-allied group Vitézi Rend. (Gorka denies that he is a sworn member, but admitted to Tablet Magazine that he has “occasionally worn [his] father’s medal and used the ‘v.’ initial to honor his struggle against totalitarianism.”)

During his time at the White House, Gorka said people should stop criticizing white supremacists so much and argued that a mosque bombing might have been faked by liberals. Since leaving his role with the Trump administration and despite his alleged Nazi ties, Gorka has been hired by Fox News as a “national security strategist” and was hired to give a series of speeches at the conservative Heritage Foundation.