Gotta Have Faith

Part one of a debate between yours truly and my faith-based colleague Ayelish McGarvey is now up on the Prospect site. I’m trying to throw some cold water on the recent Kerry must be more religious meme. Paul Waldman recently had a good article defending my POV that went up on the Gadflyer site while McG and I were working on our slice which makes some good points near the end that I didn’t get around to about who, exactly the attendance gap is supposed to be a problem for.

In what I regard as a related development, a new Democracy Corps poll shows plummetting support for Bush among under-30 whites (although let me register my official upset at DC’s habit of referring to this group as “young voters” — a big part of the real young voters story is that relatively few young people are white) and among single whites. The postmodern coalition of single whites, African-Americans, and Latinos isn’t a majority in America, but all three groups are growing, while GOP support is growing only among shrinking demographic categories.