Gov. Christie: Anti-Muslim Hatred Like Anti-Catholic Discrimination JFK Faced

Last week, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) unleashed on his fellow conservatives over their anti-Islam, Sharia law fear mongering regarding a Muslim judge he appointed, Sohail Mohammed. “Disgusted” by the “ignorance,” Christie declared “this Sharia Law business is crap,” and “I’m tired of dealing with crazies.” Christie further explained his frustration today with the “ridiculous and disgusting situation” to the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, stating, “I think it is terrible to try to exclude someone from office based only on his religion, and that’s what was happening here.” Looking back in history, Christie said the attacks on Mohammed reflected the discrimination President Kennedy faced for being Catholic during his 1960 campaign. “President Kennedy had to stand up in Houston and say his own personal faith wouldn’t intersect with his public life. Since then I thought we wouldn’t have an more of this ridiculousness,” he said. “People would laugh today at the idea that a Catholic running for president would have a hotline to the pope.”