Gov. Kasich Stumped When Asked About His Approval Ratings

Reading from his prepared notes, Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) bragged on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today about what he considers to be his major accomplishments since taking office in January. But his glowing self-approbation was stopped short when host Mika Brezinzski asked him a simple question: “How are your approval ratings?” A stunned Kasich stumbled for a response, landing on, “Approval ratings depend on who takes the poll,” and “bottom line, my state was dying.” Watch it:


Kasich should get credit for his verbal gymnastics. After all, it’s hard to explain why you’re so unpopular that you’d actually lose a “do-over election” by 25 points. And with Ohioans disapproving of his last four major proposals, that fact is hardly likely to change.