Gramm Reiterates “Whiners” Argument

Phil Gramm, who fake stepped down as a McCain adviser while continuing to advise McCain after it became embarrassing for the candidate to be associated with a man who thinks America is a “nation of whiners,” is back at it:

“If you’re sitting here today, you’re not economically illiterate and you’re not a whiner, so I’m not worried about who you’re going to vote for,” Gramm told supporters of McCain at a Financial Services Roundtable event in Minneapolis on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention.

He also seems to have slipped up and used the first person plural:

Good to know. Meanwhile, at the peak of the Bush-era expansion, average incomes are slightly lower than they were at the previous pick, which basically never happens. This is by no means necessarily all the fault of conservative policies but it’s hard to imagine solutions emerging from a political movement that thinks it’s “whining” to be worried about problems.