Grand and Tragic

Long-time readers will know that I find Leonardo DiCaprio considerably ponderous. That said, I would totally buy him as Jay Gatsby. The character is completely humorless but that’s because his perspective is so limited, and his focus so intensely directed, that he lacks self-awareness or a capacity for irony or even funny bitterness. DiCaprio’s also grown into the kind of rough physicality that I think might make him fit the role a bit better than Robert Redford.The rest of the cast also sounds rather good, too. Tobey Maguire was always at his best as Spider-Man when he was rather bitterly confronted with things he couldn’t have. Amanda Seyfried does a bit of bitterness and compromise better than her current cream-puff romantic roles have given her space to demonstrate (she was so good in the early days of Big Love). I’m not quite sure why we need a new Great Gatsby, but it also doesn’t feel egregious to do it, either.